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  • Maha Vidya Retreat - The Great Cosmic Power Kali
    July 13, 2017 - July 20, 2017
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Welcome to Paradise Retreat Center

Accommodation & Cuisine for Maha Vidya Retreat – The Great Cosmic Power Kali

13 – 20 July 2017



Dear guest

Welcome to Maha Vidya Retreat – The Great Cosmic Power Kali, full of intensity and transformation. Paradise Retreat Center will be the host for the retreat providing food and accommodation during these 7 wonderful days.

We will now help you arrange your stay during the retreat. For this we kindly ask you to read the following message through and follow the steps to complete the registration. If you have visited Paradise Retreat Center before this time you will probably notice some changes and improvements.

As we are preparing for the retreat, full of enthusiasm and devotion, we are looking forward to hosting you in Paradise. We will answer any question you have about your stay if you email us to

Come and enjoy our wonderful garden, our spacious yoga hall and romantic atmosphere, all of this only one hour away from Copenhagen, in south Sjælland. Surrounded by the beautiful Danish countryside our wonderful retreat center is dedicated to yogic and tantric retreats.



Here in Paradise we offer lovely dormitories for those who are on a budget or simply want to dive fully into the togetherness of the participants. There is easy access to the lounge and activity areas. You can also set up your tent in our beautiful garden. If you wish to stay in Paradise please fill in the number of nights you are going to stay in the “Dormitory/camping per night” payment option at the bottom of the page. The whole retreat lasts for 7 nights from the 13th. to the 20th. of July.

Accommodation in Paradise Retreat Center

Budget Dormitories

– In Paradise

– Shared Bathrooms


– Pillows & duvets & Towel

– Wifi access



– 100 kr. (c.a. 14 EUR) per day

– Full Retreat (7 nights) 700 kr. (c.a. 96 EUR)



– Bring your tent and set it up in our beautiful garden

Have access to:

– Electric outputs

– Shared bathrooms



– 100 kr. (c.a. 14 EUR) per day

– Full Retreat (7 nights) 700 kr. (c.a. 96 EUR)


If you prefer to have more privacy we can now book a room for you in a hotel or more affordable bed & breakfasts nearby. In this case please leave the “Dormitory/camping per night” at zero and proceed to the next step to select the type of accommodation you would like. We will confirm the availability of your choice within one work day. You will then receive a payment request to finalize the booking.

Accommodation near Paradise Retreat Center

Bed & Breakfast


– Within 9 km from Paradise or 12 minutes by car

– Every two rooms share one bathroom

– Room prices include bedding but not breakfast

– Payment needs to be made before booking



– 2 people 400 kr. (c.a. 54 EUR)/night

– 1 person 300 kr. (c.a. 41 EUR)/night

– For more info visit:


Rødvig Ferieby


– 12 minutes away from Paradise by car.

– Each cottage accommodates up to 6 people

– Living room and fully equipped kitchen, mini oven, refrigerator, tea and coffee, TV.

– Double bedroom, bedroom with 1 bunk (2 beds), loft with two beds, bathroom with shower and toilet.

– Room prices include beddings but not breakfast



– 1055 kr. (c.a. 145 EUR) per day

– Full retreat (7 nights) 5.500 kr. (c.a. 754 EUR)

– More details available in the signup form

– For more info visit:

Hotel Kilnten


– 9,2 km from Paradise or 14 minutes by car

– Free transport to and from the hotel at the beginning and the end of a day’s event program

– Check-in after 14:00, check-out before 9:30

– All rooms have private bathrooms

– Room prices do not include breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast buffet can be bought at Hotel Klinten for 50 kr. each.



– From 650 kr. to 1.350 kr./night

– For more details on prices please proceed to the next step

– For more pictures visit:


Food and drinks

Paradise’s default menu is ovo-lacto vegetarian. In addition, we offer sugar free, gluten free and vegan food upon request. You will be able to specify your dietary request in the next step. And our kitchen, run by a wonderful group of volunteers, will be ready to take care of you for 7 wonderful days so that you can enjoy the retreat fully.

If you choose to pay for the food in advance you can fill in the number of days of your stay in the “Food per day” option below and you will be free to dine. The whole retreat includes 6 days of food from the dinner of the 13th. to lunch of the 20th. of July.

If you prefer to keep it open which meals you will have and pay for your meals afterwards, you can leave “Food per day” at zero and go on to register. You will then use our service tablet to check in each time you have a meal. The payment will be settled at the end of your stay.

Price for food:

120 kr./day (c.a. 13,5 EUR), full retreat 7 days 840 kr. (c.a. 115 EUR)

Dinner/lunch 45 kr. (c.a. 5,4 EUR), breakfast 30kr. (c.a. 2,7 EUR)



Arriving at Paradise

If you travel by plane you can take a train from the airport to Karise train station, the nearest train station from Paradise. A one way ticket costs 132 kr. (c.a. 18 EUR) which can be bought at the ticket office or a ticket vending machine in terminal 3 at the airport or at any train station.

For more details regarding the train ride please see:

(Search start: Kastrup Lufthavn / destination: Karise St.)

Please contact our pick up number +45 30959723 at least 20 minutes before your arrival or as your train leaves Køge station and confirm the time of your arrival. We will happily pick you up at the train station in time.

Please note that if you would like to stay outside of Paradise, such as in a hotel or a b&b, you will need to commute between the accommodation and Paradise. If you don’t have your own means of transport but would like to stay outside of Paradise we will try to arrange lifts for you as much as possible.

Our reception will assist you to check in upon your arrival and our host will guide you to your accommodation.


Good to bring

Watertight container (e.g. bottles or thermos) to have drinking water with you in the event hall

Outdoor slippers for use in between the dining hall and the dormitories

Bathing clothes



We look forward to seeing you in Paradise!


The Paradise Retreat Team